How does it operate?

We make the company operate in a stable, safe and ready for fast development environment!


We verify all network devices, software, as well as we test a correct configuration of Wi-Fi and other tele-technical systems.

Proposals for solutions

We convey information on a necessity of purchasing the new equipment and changes, reconfigurations or business modifications related to the IT area.


At this stage, you get a full documentation concerning a view of the situation, on the basis of which you can take the most beneficiary decisions for yourself.


We implement the specific customised solutions. We configure, mark and secure every device, as well as train employees.


At the Mad System you can count on the 24/7 remote monitoring of the IT area, a development of the procedures and an implementation of the technical support system.

We are specialists with many years of experience in the IT industry

Our team consists of the specialists in their field areas, for which a client satisfaction is the primary objective of their everyday work. Elaborateness and diligence combined with the competences enable us to offer the highest standard of the IT services in any range.

Contact details

If you are concerned about a faster development of your company due to the IT outsourcing - we kindly encourage you to contact Mad System!

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