Implementation and support for the IT systems in your company!

Customised set-up of the equipment.

We meet your expectations, and each solution you choose will be customised and adapted to the specifics of your business.

Sale of the software and high-quality hardware.

While ordering at the Mad System, you can be sure that the products delivered originate from the authorised distribution network of the leading manufacturers on the IT market.

Design and installation of the local and wide area computer networks.

Our engineers will configure every element of the ICT network so as to ensure maximum work efficiency in your company.

Developing and managing a private data cloud.

We are experienced in implementing even the most innovative solutions, such as the data cloud. Leave data management in the data cloud space to us!

Administrative and service support of the IT systems.

By providing service support over the entire IT area in your company, we are able to respond quickly, if needed.

Remote management and monitoring of all elements in the IT area.

Control of all elements of the ICT system requires commitment. While cooperating with us you can rest assured – an experienced team of our specialists keeps vigil of your system.

Designing and managing company data security system.

Maintaining a strict cooperation with our partners gives us an access to the innovative solutions that enable to rest assured about security of your corporate data.

Technical support and training for the employees.

We will organise trainings for the employees of your company, during which we will efficiently explain each technical issue.

Control of expenses

It is You who takes a decision when and to what extent you want to implement the proposed solution.

Optimised costs

You minimise the costs related to maintaining the technical department, and the saved funds can be allocated for a development of the company.

Knowledge and experience

Hundreds of the implemented projects, many years of experience and knowledge about the technology mean that we are able to solve any technical problem.

Increase in competitiveness

The IT projects implemented by the Mad System have contributed to the better operating of the companies, and thus to their increased competitiveness.

More time

You do not have to worry about the IT systems in your company. Thanks to the comprehensive IT outsourcing, you can do what you are best at!

Legally and without any risk

We ensure legality and reliability of the software. You do not have to remember the license renewal dates.


You can implement the modern solutions already today, without the awkward recruitment and long-lasting trainings.

Equal opportunities

Thanks to the IT solutions offered by the Mad System, you can be on par with the big players on the market!

Do you want to learn more?


We are able to perform any task entrusted to us in the field of the IT services and we are not afraid of the new challenges!

The fact that a cooperation is founded on a reliable relationship will enable us to contribute to the better management of your company. At each stage of your operations, you can count on our professionalism, diligence and professional support. When we work to ensure the most effective IT environment, you can focus on the operations, in which you are a specialist!

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